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The increasing globalization of the marketplace combined with an ever increasing shortage of skilled staff and advance in technology have resulted in large scale changes to recruitment parties throughput the world. From the recruitment industry trends in US, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, it is apparent that the most significant changes to recruitment involve the development of professional recruiting organization, the use of email and the internet for sourcing jobs and candidates and the continuing trend toward contractors and staff. AL-Aqmar Group Ltd. Co has geared up for these changes by developing strategies alliances and global partnering to ensure access to the best candidates worldwide. We have materialized the management of multiple employee groups for companies outsourcing the human resources function. All employees from unskilled position through to the CEO can, and are, recruited by us. Organization of any size can benefit from this approach and particularly the job seeker and employee, are much attracted to us due to our process and contract simplicity. We are currently working for our clients operating in US, UK, UAE, Kuwait, KSA, India, Pakistan, Mauritius and many more places