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At AL-Aqmar Group, we understand that price-competitiveness planning, quality assurance; deadline-orientation and meeting delivery schedules are key areas for our valuable clients. Hence, we focus greatly on processes which ensure high client retention. Basically, we go through the following process to get best results,

  1. Gathering product specifications.
  2. Getting competitive quotes from our suppliers/manufactures.
  3. Samples and dispatching to our valuable customers.
  4. Coordinating contract terms.
  5. Preparing time and action plans.
  6. Monitoring production schedules.
  7. Ensuring shipping deadlines are met.
We always believe that being a sourcing agent, TIME AND INFORMATION IS OUR INVESTMENT and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR BUSINESS. Hence we take proper care at every stage. For this purpose we have experienced and skilled management and staff, who attend to painstaking details, at every stage.
  1. Wide variety of product selections available to choose from different manufactures
  2. Different range of prices available.
  3. Quality never takes step back. Besides being the sourcing agent, we also act as the quality control monitor making sure quality never dips and at the same time productivity is maintained to give a timely supply.
  4. We aim to see everything is done on time from the start of processing raw materials to seeing the shipment reaches on time.
  5. Every document associated is maintained to avoid any miscommunication.
  6. We work as a team with the manufacture and certainly motivate them so there is no scope for lack of concentration resulting in damage, losses to the product.
  7. Customer comes first and every customer is given individual attention we understand the needs and give suggestion as well.