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AL-Aqmar Name has the history of many centuries over a thousand year, As AL-Aqmar Family Linked to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and AL-Aqmar Mosque which built more than 910 years ago. AL-Aqmar Faimly caliph AL-Amir Bi Ahkam Allah was the seventh fatimid caliph to rule Egypt. He was the son of caliph AL-Musta'li Billah and is the last fatimid caliph recognized as the direct linage from Hazart Ali by the Musta'liyyah. He was born in 1096 AD and was put on Fatimid thorne 1101 AD. He was assassinated in 1129 AD in Roda. AL-Aqmar mosque The Mosque of al-Aqmar was built by the Fatimid vizier al-ma'mum al-bata'ihi in 1125 (875 year ago) during the caliphate of al-Mustansir, Located on the main artery of the city, the mosque's claborate ormamentation and design are seminal for cairo's architecture, especially for the way its plan shifts to accommodate both the qibla orientation and the existing street pattern. In plan it is a regular, rectangular hypostyle mosque with a squre courtyard, but the depth of the facade is adjusted to fit the building behind to the dictates of the existing urban scheme